Photoshop for Car Design Course

Berk Kaplan
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Photoshop Course for Car Design! 
Long waited course is finally here. If you are totally beginner or if you already know Photoshop at some level, you will learn how to sketch on Photoshop with different styles used by professionals!

What is inside?

Part 1 - For Beginners; 

-Logic of sketching on Photoshop,

-Tablet pen and brush settings,

-Simple practicing,

-Importing brushes,

-Importing a sketch,

-Basic light, shadow and surfaces,

-Different light situations,

-First car sketch,


-Light and shadows, volumes,


-Basic pen tool,

-How to do light background sketch,

-How to do dark background sketch,

-How to do simple colored sketch, 

-Symmetrical sketching,

-All Photoshop files and full detailed process to sketches you see on cover, 

-Photoshop brushes,

-Shortcuts file.

Part 2 - Non Beginners; 

-Fully colored sketches,

-Layer masking for sketch,

-Camera raw filter,

-How to add rims from photos,

-How to create rim pack as brushes,

-More details on Pen Tool,

-Glowing lights,

-Adding depth and metalic feeling to car paint,

-Fresnel effect,

-Ideation while coloring,

-Changing the mood of sketch,

-Basic animation on Photosop,

-Adding textures,

-Faster sketching with all we learnt,

-All Photoshop files and full detailed process to sketches you see on cover,

-Photoshop brushes,

-Shortcuts file.

Part 1 + Part 2 Together Package!

-You can get them together with a discount, 

-It includes all you need from beginner level to professional level.

Requirements for the course;

-Passion for car design,

-Graphic tablet (no spesific brand or type required)

-Photoshop Software

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!



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